Part 93

I really just don’t need to leave my house to have a good time.  Instead of putting up with you talking, I’ll have a go around with myself, with a vibrator that probably cost more than your car payment.



Part 92 – Screen Names

I’ve been hoarding some of these screen captures for over a year.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have some amazing handle on okcupid either (my screen name is CorrosiveMew).  I seriously wonder, though.  Pretty sure most of the names on there are some variation of “chicagoguy” or “cubsfanxxx” or something like that.

That first one gets a picture, because, well, if I had to see it you do, too.

Part 91

Yes, it probably is annoying when someone repeatedly points out how your education failed you.  I have no restraint when it comes to people dat type like dis.  I’m not interested in babysitting.

Part 88

YAY! Do me a favor and scroll down to Part 25. Then come back up.  THIS DUMBASS. Oh my god. This guy.  I kind of want to meet him just to see if he really has shit for brains.  Before you send someone a message on okcupid you should make sure you haven’t already made yourself look like a fool.